Tennessee Tourism Round Up: Soak Up The Last Moments Of Summer – 08/15/2014 – Chattanoogan.com

to 3 p.m.at the Adventure Science Center. Aug. 16-17 Paris – Big Bass Splash See amateurs fish from the banks, docks, and boats with five places paid cash each hour beginning7 a.m.at Paris Landing State Park. Aug. 18 Memphis – Risking Everything The new exhibit of photos and documents collected during the 1964 Freedom Summer Project of Mississippi will be on display10 a.m.at the National Civil Rights Museum. Aug.

Panama Canal Anniversary 2014: 100 Years Ago Today, Navigation Project Launched “American Century”

Panama Canal

The idea of a better isthmus crossing again surfaced following the California gold rush of 1849, which greatly increased shipping traffic to the Pacific coast and inundated Panama with prospectors and others from Europe, Asia and the eastern U.S. seeking a shorter route to California. At that time, the only viable options available to those travelers was a months-long passage by ship around Cape Horn, a journey of similar duration — and entirely different perils — through the hostile territory along the Oregon Trail, or an isthmus crossing in part aboard small boats on the Chagres River and overland by http://www.prweb.com/releases/the-elevation-group/aspire-magazine-feature/prweb10433128.htm mules for 20 miles along the old Spanish trails. In response to increased demand for a better crossing, U.S. businessman William H. Aspinwall, who operated Pacific mail packets, partnered with other businessmen in New The Elevation Group York to create the Panama Rail Road Company, which raised US$1 million from the sale of stock and hired new engineering and route studies for a cross-isthmus line that was completed in 1855.


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