Christopher And Tara Vecellio Pay $11.5m For Estate Section Home |

The house was not listed for sale in the local multiple listing service. In May, Moens listed the Vecellios North End home at 742 Slope Trail for sale at $5.45 million. All of the parties involved in the sale either declined to comment or could not be reached. On a corner lot, the 1926 house on Via Del Mar occupies 1.16 acres along South County Road just north of where the road curves to join South Ocean Boulevard. Along with an outbuilding built in 1940, the house has 12,640 square feet of living space, inside and out, according to property records. The main house has five bedrooms and the outbuilding has two, records show.

As a mountain climber on a mission, Niagara U professor inspires students to make global difference – City & Region – The Buffalo News

It’s a happy, albeit unconventional, Fourth of July for Ed Hutton, Niagara University finance professor, who brings a school banner to an elevation of 18,000 feet on Cotopaxi in the Andes of Ecuador, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. He helps raise money for his NU student project by finding sponsors for his climbs and also meets with prospective partners.

Hutton, who began tackling mountains three Elevation Group decades ago, helps students in Niagaras Finance Club learn about microfinance funds in a most personal fashion. He has spent the better part of a month traveling throughout Ecuador and meeting with prospective business partners along the way. He helps raise money for the NU project by finding sponsors for his mountain climbs who might pledge an amount for every foot he climbs, he explained. My students manage investments (in their studies) for big companies, like Apple and Google, but they also learn about microfinance funds, where we make small loans to entrepreneurs in Third World countries, of $500, $1,000 or $1,500 at the most, he said.


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