The Elevation Group Scam: Is This The True Story?

The Elevation Group’s Mike Dillard Featured in Aspire Magazine – CNN iReport

However, members are only told about opportunities that have produced tremendous results for Mike Dillard. They do not promise you will have the same results, but members only hear about ways that have worked for them in the past and continue to do so today. Some of the investment ideas are targeted to people who live in the United States. Others apply to people regardless of which country they live in. All require being able to invest money.

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We actually go and interview the best investors that are also educators guys like Tom Wheelwright, author of the book, Tax Free Wealth,” says Mr. Dillard. “Tom is our CPA. We interview him to teach our members about concepts like tax deferment and tax avoidance. Mr. Dillard is quick to point out that neither he nor his business partner Robert Hirsch are financial advisers. Rather, they are interviewers who chronicle where the ultra rich are investing their money.


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