The Elevation Group

The Elevation Group

Only a few hours remain to be connected with a resource which will educate members in the latest information from wealthy investors. The Elevation Group will provide it’s members with clear guidelines for making wise financial decisions, in a time of severe inflation. Mike Dillard claims that his friend, Robert Klyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad has forecasted every major event in financial history, since 2008. His predictions, according to Mike Dillard, have included the “bursting of the housing bubble,” “the fall of GM, and the Lehman brothers,” and the soaring prices for silver and gold. All of these were predicted as future events, some as many as two years earlier.

The Elevation Group Publicizes Income Opportunity for Members – The Elevation group

Mike Dillard has earned many millions of dollars for the past several years. However, he also knows what it is like to struggle financially. He wants to help others be financially secure, using methods he has learned. This is why he started this group. Dillard has also included some of the most knowledgeable and successful investors as contributors to the Elevation Group. This allows them the opportunity to teach others their strategies for creating a lot of income.

The Elevation Group Scam: Is This the True Story?

When the prospect pays to join, PAP credits the sponsoring members account with the 50% commission. The Publishing Partner Program is available only to paying Elevation Group members. Elevation Group memberships are granted only on a limited basis and by invitation. However, Elevation Group new members are admitted periodically throughout the year. The Publishing Partner Program is headed by the Elevation Groups Craig Allen.


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