Context Asset Management Launches Multi-manager, Multi-strategy Alternative Mutual Fund

My Top Investment Strategy For A Stalling Stock Market

“Our investment approach seeks to identify alternative strategies that are less connected to traditional market risks and that potentially offer a more efficient and diversifying return profile.” The Context Alternative Strategies Fund will see reviews on the elevation group mike dillard be managed by Andy Dudley and Jason Myers. Mr. Dudley brings more than 23 years of industry experience in fixed Income investments, portfolio management and asset allocation to Context where he is responsible for investment policy, portfolio construction, risk management and manager selection for the firm’s multi-manager offering. Prior to joining Context he was the Senior Investment Director in Global Asset Allocation at Putnam Investments.

The Lifeline Program CEO Announces Industry Shift In Life Settlement Funding Strategies

While stock market investor sentiment continues to display bullish new highs and new lows, theres also a sense that the road to higher gains will not be an easy path. The economic renewal is maintaining a muted pace, in part due to the harsh winter conditions, but what if the economy was actually showing signs of slowing? Jobs growth in February improved over January, but the jobs market still has not reached a level of self-sufficiency without continued help from the Federal Reserve via low interest rates. What I expect, after looking at the stock market indices, is that we will likely see new records broken on the horizon. (Read Why I Believe the S&P 500 Could Easily Reach 2,000 in the Upcoming Months .) However, the advance will be more hesitant than in 2013 and the past years, since the current bull market is into its fifth year and is very much absent of a major stock market correction, based on my technical analysis. Given this, Im somewhat nervous, but there are alternative investment strategies you can consider at this time.

He also points to interest from the life insurance industry itself. Page further states that the industry is not seeing an exodus of hedge funds, though some have exited the industry due to other issues. Well constructed life settlement portfolios can have long term returns in the low- to mid-teens, but a commitment of more than 10 years is typically required, said Page. When capital partners understand the long-term value, the industry is very attractive. The Lifeline Program is a life settlement provider in Atlanta, Ga.


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