Bank Of Montreal Is Offering A Financial Relief Program For Canadian Farmers

Commonwealth Bank of Australia : CommBank launches first-of-its-kind analytics app to help business customers enhance performance

Regional Vice-President Mike Darling says the company wants to make sure farmers in the prairies and western Canada have enough cash flow to make it through. Customers can defer loan payments or temporarily increase their operating line by contacting their local branch. Most Viewed Stories

Ask SCORE: Don’t take cash flow for granted

However, what’s more important is helping customers understand the story the data is telling. As a result, the interactive nature and visual interpretation of the data enables customers to quickly and easily understand what it means for their business,” said Mr Roach. Security, trust and privacy are core to CommBank’s relationship with its customers and all data used in Daily IQ is aggregated and de-identified to protect confidentiality by ensuring no individual information is made available. “Advanced analytics can help businesses gain valuable insights to better manage sales and inventory and provide new intelligence on where savings and growth can be achieved. This can enable businesses to more effectively manage operations and provide better support to make product, pricing and investment decisions,” said Michael Harte, Group Executive Enterprise Services and Chief Information Officer, Commonwealth Bank. “With tools such as Daily IQ, CommBank helps our customers make higher quality decisions with rich insight for their businesses.

Asking for at least a deposit before you begin work protects both you and your customer. And if you establish the policy fairly and properly, it shouldnt alienate good customers. Accepting credit card payments also can help speed cash into your account, though it does require a small transaction fee. If you already have a merchant credit card account, encourage customers to use this option more often. Also consider new technology such as Square, which allows credit card transactions to be made using smartphones, regardless of where you do business.


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