How To Build Wealth One Decision At A Time

The higher your income, the greater your potential for accumulating significant assets. When you’re young, the value of your future earnings is your No. 1 financial asset. Find a job you love, invest in educating yourself and keep abreast of changes in your career field.

How to build your wealth in simple steps!

That’s a good deal if you’ll be in a higher tax bracket at retirement, as is the case for many young investors. Four in 10 large plans now offer a Roth option, Aon Hewitt says. To hedge your bet on future tax rates, split your contributions between a Roth and a pretax 401(k). 3. Don’t cash out. More than half of workers in their twenties who leave a job do not roll their 401(k) into an IRA or their new employer’s plan, says Aon Hewitt.

Building wealth: Best moves if you’re 25 to 34

target mix age 30

Review regularly: Having said that, remember to regularly review your investments to assess its performance. If you find a particular investment giving you very poor returns, you must immediately withdraw your money from such an investment and invest in better performing assets. Also remember to track your investments regularly and modify your asset allocation pattern depending on your age and risk profile. Click NEXT to read further.

How to Trick Yourself Into Building Wealth

Putting money aside for savings and investment takes discipline the discipline to not spend it. Some who haven’t been saving can change their ways by pure force of will, while others need a coach or advisor. Pay yourself first. If the money is out of sight, it’s out of mind, so you’re not as inclined to spend it. Setting up a The Elevation Group monthly automatic checking account draft is one of the best ways to save money because it’s passive: You don’t have to do anything.


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