Will Accepting Credit Cards Help My Business’s Cash Flow?

Some of my clients tend to pay me late, and I’m thinking about accepting credit cards to speed things up. Would that help much? — Josh Dear Josh, Congratulations on getting your business established to the point that you’re ready to grow it. The lending climate is finally easing a bit for small business, so you’re likely to find lenders more receptive than if you tried to get a loan a few years back. The April 2013 Federal Reserve Board united states survey of senior loan officers found 23 percent said their banks had “somewhat” eased lending standards for firms with annual sales under $50 million over the previous three months. Your friend is right about the importance of working on your cash flow.

Bank of website the West Relies on Axway to Govern the Flow of Data with Leading Cash Management Client Integration Solution

This represented an enhancement for existing customers as well as an innovative service for attracting new corporate clients. Through the Axway 5 Suite, Bank of the West was able to govern the flow of data at the enterprise edge and expand its services to meet the growing needs of new and existing customers. Bank of the West clients on the new platform have seen benefits including: Cost savings through the elimination of manual processes Reduced risks of human error in processing Faster transaction processing times Bank of the West developed a strategic approach called SecureDirect, which set the stage for growth and supported its three primary service pillars: banking integration, enterprise integration and technology partnerships. Having already deployed Axway SecureTransport for controlled and trackable file transfers, Bank of the West was able to integrate the Axway 5 Suite into the platform seamlessly without having to replace what was already being used. We wanted to deploy a platform that would allow us to help our customers be efficient and effective, said Dan Nagy, cash management division manager at Bank of the West.


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