Credit Scores, Cash Flow And Collateral: Upping The Odds On Your Business’s First Bank Loan

Construction Bank Lifts Cash-Flow Cover on Local-Government Debt

What they want to see is simple. How do you make money? Who are your clients and how do they pay you? As long as that can be expressedand frankly a lot of high tech businesses cant do thatthats really all they need to make a decision. Officially, the SBA says that the absence of collateral should not be justification for declination of a loan application, which is meant to give consideration to low-income entrepreneurs.

Standard & Poors estimates as much as 30 percent of such loans may sour following the credit surge that powered Chinas recovery from the global financial crisis. About 50 billion yuan ($7.8 billion) in loans to local- government financing vehicles, or less than 10 percent of the total, are due for repayment by the end of this year, said Chen Zuofu, an executive vice president at China Construction Bank. About 120 billion yuan, or 21 percent of the total, is due next year, Chen said. More than 80 percent of local-government loans were to city- or higher-level administrations whose financial strength and credibility are relatively sound, according to Chen. Construction Bank is paying attention to risks in road projects after lending 382.8 billion yuan for the programs, Guo watch elevation group login said a briefing in Beijing yesterday.

US Fed cash-flow data called underused weapon in war on drugs (Complinet Special Report)

Guest Contributor

In a November filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission HSBC stated: We remain the subject of ongoing inquiries, including grand jury subpoenas and other requests for information, by government agencies, including the US Attorneys Office and the US Department of Justice. These inquiries pertain to, among other matters, our prior banknotes business and our foreign correspondent banking business. A law enforcement source familiar with the changing practices told Complinet that, like HSBC, a number of large banks operating in the United States had exited the banknote business, but some small banks in the Southwest had taken it on. Given that such diminutive institutions typically spend less on due diligence, it may be more important than ever than law enforcers be aware of who is handling vast sums of Mexican bulk cash if they hope to head off drug money laundering operations, the source said. FED DATA Court documents filed as part of the Department of Justices case against Wachovia suggested that federal investigators had relied on the Federal Reserves country flow data when documenting the US dollars that flowed from Mexico to UBOC, Wachovia and HSBC.


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