Cash Flows In For Flood-stricken Second Harvest Food Bank

and 5 p.m. Tuesday, $10,000 was donated to the agency online, Streno said. Also, the Bearden High School Student Government Association gave $14,000. Frontier Airlines , Knoxville’s newest airline, was among area businesses that gave, donating $2,000. “That’s the visit here beauty of this community, because they really do want to help feed their neighbor,” Streno said.

TrustCo Bank Corp: Outstanding Free Cash Flow Covers High and Rising Dividend

In my own case, I found out how much I was acting as my customers’ bank. Conditions in any industry can change in a heartbeat, so building strong cash reserves should be a top priority. One of the key lessons from Jim Collins’sGreat By Choice is that the most successful companies maintain 3x to 10x the ratio of cash to assets and cash to liabilities of their competitors, so they can weather storms. MORE: Why IKEA spying on French people is absurd The recession after September 11 made me starkly aware that I needed more cash in reserve in my own company. During Microsoft’s ( MSFT ) early days, Bill Gates decided that the company should keep enough money in the bank to be able to go a full year without revenue, so I followed his lead at my own company.

How do you get out of a cash-flow crunch?

When you value the ongoing equity plus cash using cash equity value modeling its value would be about $11.00 a share. Due to banks profits, mark-ups, mark-downs and accounting, the price to sales ratio would not be a fair indicator of value. Great Cash flow: TrustCo generated over $34 million in free cash flow from operations in its trailing fiscal year. That works out $.44 per share.


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