Stock Market Rise Has Provided A Boost For Charitable Giving

US Fed’s Money Pump Driving The Stock Market


31, driven in part by the rising stock market, according to Blackbaud Inc. Blackbaud does not release total numbers for the amount of money given over that period. But the Blackbaud Index data looked at 3,828 charities that raised more than $12 billion over the last year. The Charleston, S.C.-based Blackbaud Inc.

Stock market not in the holiday spirit

When you look at how markets have performed this year, some investors may have decided to cash in, put their feet up and drink eggnog, said Lawrence Creatura, a portfolio manager with Federated Investors. Friday, the government will release its monthly job market survey, one of the most closely watched indicators of the U.S. economy. Economists expect that employers created 180,000 jobs last month, while the unemployment rate remained steady at 7.2 percent, according to FactSet, a financial information provider. A strong economy is good for corporate profits and stocks over the long term.

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We are observing overvalued, overbought, overbullish extremes that are uniquely associated with peaks that preceded the worst market losses in history, he said, adding that stock speculators are grossly overleveraged, with NYSE margin debt jumping in November to 2.5% of GDP in relative terms. I believe that more than half, and perhaps closer to all, of the markets gains since Y 2009 will be surrendered over the completion of this cycle, Mr. Hussman said. Ed Yardeni, president and chief investment strategist at Yardeni Research , is more Bullish the market than Mr. Hussman. He wrote Tuesday,that Bull Market perma-Bears have consistently underestimated the rebound in earnings since Y 2009.


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