Bank Of America Corp Ev To Free Cash Flow (ttm)

EV/FCF answers the question “What is a company being valued per each dollar of FCF?” A high (low) EV/FCF mean the company is potentially overvalued (undervalued). EV/Financial Metrics are often used by analysts to quickly look at a company’s valuation multiples. All things being equal, the lower this ratio is, the better. Other similar metrics include : EV/EBITDA : How much is each dollar of EBITDA worth to investors?

US Fed cash-flow data called underused weapon in war on drugs (Complinet Special Report)

Guest Contributor

This indicated that departments forensic investigators charged with documenting Wachovias misdeeds had been granted access to the Feds records on incoming cash: the coveted country flow data. This caught Mazurs eye. He said the data was a critical enforcement tool and that its greatest value lay in the fact it could help investigators detect the flow of cartel cash through banks, not just document it after the fact as in the recent cases. Some banks may have cash needs that enable them to disperse repatriated bulk cash within their branch or other systems, but most are going to send that money to the Fed so they dont leave it sitting idle where it doesnt earn a return.


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