Mission: Wealth-building, Strategy – Today’s Best Equity Selections

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These days, a dime a share loss on its price will often cost you more than the transactions will. The reality is that there are dozens of contender equities every day, with equal or better risk-reward tradeoff propositions to compare with your recent winner’s current challenge. What happens when following this approach is that holdings come to fruition (or frustration) spaced irregularly throughout time. Attention to their results forces timing diversification in their reinvestments, and provides adaptation of the portfolio’s asset allocation to the areas now most promising – in the current risk-reward tradeoffs.

Secondary Sources: Wealth-Building, Dollar, Gold

http://www.theelevationgroups.net/ Search Real Time Economics1 March 15, 2013, 10:35 AM Secondary Sources: Wealth-Building, Dollar, Gold Biography A roundup of economic news from around the Web. Wealth: Annie Lowrey notes the younger generation lags in wealth building. A new study from the Urban Institute finds that Ms. Brady and her peers up to roughly age 40 have accrued less wealth than their parents did at the same age, even as the average wealth of Americans has doubled over the last quarter-century. Because wealth compounds over long periods of time a dollar saved 10 years ago is worth much more than a dollar saved today young adults probably face less secure futures for decades down the road, and even shakier retirements. Dollar: Dean Baker says that the value of the dollar doesnt say anything about the strength of the U.S. economy.

Stages of Wealth Building

This is the ideal time in your life to put your income toward your retirement account and other business investments, such as a vacation home you plan to rent out. As we approach retirement age, many of us might dip into our retirement funds and other sources of income such as Social Security. But reaching a certain age doesn’t always mean your wealth-building days are over. Some people may even decide traditional leisure-based retirement isn’t for them. Many older adults continue working into their 70s . And with a pension and health benefits, some may even begin an entrepreneurial venture that was too risky earlier in life.


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