Credit Scores, Cash Flow And Collateral: Upping The Odds On Your Business’s First Bank Loan

Its got to be identified in the application process and offered as collateral. Most people dont understand that in the eyes of the bank the entrepreneur and the business are one and the same. Why should the bank take a risk with its money that the entrepreneur is either unwilling or unable to take him or herself? Relationships Are Key Davidson says the best case scenario is for an entrepreneur to approach a loan officer with whom she already has a relationshipbut for first-time founders that can be quite a roadblock, not least of all because of the changing nature of banking. Think of your local branchwhos a loan officer and whos selling financial vehicles for profit? The value of working with an SBDC or local SBA chapter becomes particularly clear in these instances. Instead of going to just any bank we bring entrepreneurs that we have worked with before, Davidson says of his program which to date has facilitated 14,673NYC businesses secure $151,819,595.


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