County Board To Consider Bank Loan For Nursing Home Cash Flow

“We’re putting in the ordinance that the revenue from the nursing home property taxes in 2014 will be used to repay the loan, and that the loan should be repaid by Oct. 31, 2014, so that it’s for less than a year,” she said. “Under the new law the (county) general fund holds responsibility if the loan is not repaid. But the county board in this ordinance will say that the nursing home will use its 2014 property tax revenues to do this.” Last year, the county considered issuing revenue anticipation notes for the nursing home during a period when it was concerned about timely state payments. But the county couldn’t find any local banks interested in the process because the bonds were to be backed by the financially shaky state reimbursements. This time the board is being asked to take the action over concerns that federal Medicare and Medicaid payments will be held up, and over annual concerns about cash flow at the online end of the county’s fiscal year.

Credit Scores, Cash Flow and Collateral: Upping the Odds on Your Business’s First Bank Loan

small businesses and confer with experts on the careful preparation lenders are looking for. First off, the SBA doesnt even lend funds directly to entrepreneursbut they do back loans for qualified businesses. To actually secure a 7(a) (loans of up to $750,000 for startup capital), a 504 (funds for asset purchases for businesses with under $7 million in assets) or a microloan (small, short term loans of up to $50,000), youll need to strike up a relationship with a loan officer at a bank or a non-bank lending institution. But months before that happens, there are steps to be takenphone calls to make, documents to prepare and ducks to straighten outlike any good Boy or Girl Scout should.

Bank of the West Relies on Axway to Govern the Flow of Data with Leading Cash Management Client Integration Solution

Real-time, multichannel monitoring and reporting: Allows Bank of the West to know when issues, or potential issues, need attention through alerts and rules built into the system, increasing the level of data-flow visibility. Automation of mission-critical financial processes: Allows Bank of the West to work with software and ERP vendors to help customers meet their business efficiency and cost-saving goals. For large financial institutions whose services are dependent on technical capabilities and the ability to integrate with customers and share and secure information, having the right solutions in place is critical. This is especially important as more and more information is being exchanged through cloud and mobile devices, said Rob Meyer, vice president of solutions marketing at Axway.


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