County Board To Consider Bank Loan For Nursing Home Cash Flow

US Fed cash-flow data called underused weapon in war on drugs (Complinet Special Report)

Guest Contributor

31, 2014, so that it’s for less than a year,” she said. “Under the new law the (county) general fund holds responsibility if the loan is not repaid. But the county board in this ordinance will say that the nursing home will use its 2014 property tax revenues to do this.” Last year, the county considered issuing revenue anticipation notes for the nursing home during a period when it was concerned about timely state payments. But the county couldn’t find any local banks sign up for the elevation group interested in the process because the bonds were to be backed by the financially shaky state reimbursements. This time the board is being asked to take the action over concerns that federal Medicare and Medicaid payments will be held up, and over annual concerns about cash flow at the end of the county’s fiscal year. “The concern,” said Busey, “is that the federal government is shut down and that if it continues, then what is the impact?

How Does Inventory Affect Cash Flow?

Using FIFO results in a lower cost of goods sold, while using LIFO results in a higher cost of goods sold during times of rising prices or inflation. Your operating profit and net income will be lower due to higher cost of goods sold when you use LIFO, but your cash flow will be higher due to reduced cash taxes. Related Reading: Does Inventory Affect Profit & Loss? Stock Level Stock level pertains to the volume of inventory you maintain for sale. Maintaining more inventory than what is needed for current sales requirements means removing cash from your bank to pay for the extra inventory.

The source suggested the practice of distributing the data to a couple of people who sit atop the relevant federal law enforcement agencies ensured that the information only lands in the hands of those who know how to analyze it together with sensitive law enforcement intelligence in order to identify anomalies. Mazur disagreed. Frankly, the people at the top dont have the insight to know why this information is so valuable in the identification of high-level targets, he said. He added: There are very small pockets of those involved in investigative work that really get it, and suggested that his recent contact with such individuals suggested they still did not enjoy adequate access. My appeal to law enforcement about the value of this information was basically ignored.


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