American Dream Faces Harsh New Reality

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The New American Dream: It’s Not What You Think

This Week In Pictures: Top Photos from Around the Globe

Finally, and most web link importantly, for generations of Americans the American Dream was about owning a home . “The value of homeownership is deeply ingrained in American public culture,” write William M. Rohe and Harry L. Watson in the introduction to their book, Chasing the American Dream: New Perspectives on Affordable Homeownership. “From early laws requiring landownership for the right to vote, to nineteenth-century homestead legislation, to contemporary real estate brochures, the ownership of a home has long been presented as a crucial part of the ‘stake in society’ expected of full fledged members of American communities.” Now it appears that for millions of Americans, the American Dream is looking different.’s study found while 27.9 percent of respondents see the American Dream as retiring at 65 and 18.2 percent see it as owning a home, 23 percent view the American Dream as being debt-free. How Did We Get Here?

American Dream Meadowlands – what’s going in it?

It was a place where you could get a good job, raise a family and comfortably retire. “Now you can see what it is. Nothing,” says John Beribak. “The shipyards are gone, the Ford plant is gone, the steel plant is gone.” His voice cracks as he describes the town he’s lived in his whole life. “I mean, I grew up across the street from the steel plant when there was 15,000 people working there,” he says. “My dad worked there. I worked there when I got out of the Air Force. It’s just sad.” Uniquely American The American Dream is an implicit contract that says if you play by the rules, you’ll move ahead.

The observation wheel used to be known as the Pepsi Globe when it was announced with great fanfare in 2008. That was a reported 10-year, $100 million naming rights deal but one can probably assume that was based on an opening date of 2010 or 2011 or 2012, or 2013, or 2014, none of which have happened or will happen. So if a 286-foot London Eye-style attraction is up your alley, maybe its not too late to cough up some bucks. There has been a cinema component of Xanadu/American Dream from the start, usually around 20 screens or so, though the number has changed at times over the years. A performing arts center, mini golf, and an indoor skating rink were talked up by Triple Five two years ago, so good to see them still in the mix. I dont see Legoland Discovery Centre, but then again theyre staying away from brand names. No bowling mentioned here this time, but I dont believe the list is supposed to be exhaustive so dont panic, bowlers.


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