A Blended Investment Strategy For All Markets: Tobias Moskowitz

Reverse Effect Buying winners and blog selling losers over the past year tends to pick up this momentum effect, but beyond a year or two these stocks start to reverse as the value effect kicks in. Hence, the two strategies are related. Typically, when one works, the other doesnt. The technology boom of the mid-to-late 1990s provides an example. Value investing produced very poor returns during this period as hot tech stocks that seemed expensive became more expensive.

NEPC Identifies Innovative Investment Strategy That Leverages Inefficiencies of Capital Lending in Asia

While investment management fees in this area have historically been similar to those of hedge funds, NEPC has been able to secure a significant fee discount for clients. About NEPC NEPC is an independent, full service investment consulting firm, providing asset allocation, manager search, performance evaluation, and investment policy services. We work with institutional investment programs and high net worth clients on both an advisory and discretionary basis. The Endowment and Foundation Practice services 95 Endowment and Foundation retainer relationships, representing assets of $48 billion, from offices in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas and San Francisco.


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